‘HMS Glorious’ by Eric Ravillious -courtesy of the Imperial War Museum (Art.IWM ART LD 283 )

Welcome to the worldwarpoetry.com.

This website has been created to combine research on the poetry and poets of  World War II, and also serve as an archive for the now defunct Great War at Sea Poetry Project.

Please note that the links on the older posts-before April 2017- may not still be working.

Eventually it is hoped to launch a literary society devoted to World War 2 poetry.

Michael Bully , Brighton , March 2017.

Contact  : MichaelBully@worldwarpoetry.com

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Anglo-Welsh Poet Lynette Roberts during World War 2

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Interview with Lucy London

       The World War 2 poetry blog has been updated to include a poem each by Mary E
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The World is a Broken Place -part 2 of interview with John Guzlowski

Pleased to carry on my e mail interview with John Guzlowski. A son of a Polish immigrants , with both parents
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The World Is A Broken Place- Interview with John Guzlowski part one

Photo- Polish victim of Luftwafe bombing 1939   It is certainly an honour to interview John Guzlowski. A son of a
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Remember Babi Yar – ‘Art Destroys Silence’

‘Babi Yar’ -Yevgeny Yevtushenko (born 1933) People knew about Babi Yar before Yevtushenko’s poem, but they were silent. And when
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Sassoon re-appraised by World War 2 Serving Poets

‘Silent Service’-Siegfried Sassoon Now, mulltifold, let Britain’s patient power Be proven within us for the world to see, None are
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Vernon Watkins – Janet Hills

Last Post of 2016 Thank you to the large number of readers from many countries who have logged into the
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The Scottish World War 2 Poets – Part One

The Scottish World War 2 Poets and the Desert “There are many dead in the brutish desert who lie uneasy
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