Dead Sailor Boys by Constance Ann Renshaw

What far faint sea-winds passed into their soul,
What glimmer of dim-seen waves, and sting of spume
And low lone wash of waters through soft gloom !

Desire went sea-ward to the sea’s control When all the world was young. . . .
Then lo ! the roll Of battle-thunder crashed with echoing boom Across the hissing breakers, and the fume
Of guns eclipsed the waves’ mad caracole.

Robbed mothers sorrow in the long cold nights
Of sobbing sea-sands . . . sorrow over
These With dear dead mouths, and drowned hair that sways
As the sea sways. Prayer falters from lone heights
To boy-desires remembered through grief-haze, . . .
Sea -ward desires that stifled in dark seas.

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